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From a carafe for your red wine, to a wee square jug, Tom has created a range of jugs with real character.

With quirky handles and unique designs, they keep gravy hot, milk cold, and whisky company. They look great holding flowers, or decoratively in a row. There's no option other to start a collection!

"Very much admire your work and the simplicity and elegance of your presentation" Daniel, USA

Decant a full bodied bottle of wine and get stuck in. Equally good for milk, orange juice, or a b..
Milk Jug
Charmingly rustic stoneware jug. Perfect for milk, to match the small stoneware mugs. Height:..
Cream Jug
Lovely little cream jug for your summer berries. Charming with wild flowers. Just as good as a wa..
Vinaigrette Jug
Perfect for mixing and storing your homemade vinaigrette, and utterly dinky too. Height: 11cm..
Large Square Jug
A fabulous big, chuncky square jug, seen being made on Channel 4's Relocation Relocation with Phi..
Tall Slim Square Jug
An elegant, tall, quirky jug to compliment the square stoneware mugs. Lovely on its own or as par..
Pouring Jug
A wee stoneware jug perfect for serving cream or milk in with coffee. Height: 7cm,diameter: 5..
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