Sustainability & The Ethical Pot

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Sustainability & The Ethical Pot

Sustainability of Loch Long Stoneware

Stoneware is sustainable resource since it is exceptionally tough and will outlast earthenware pots many times over. This durability results in lesser consumption of natural resources, both in terms of raw materials and firing.

The colour of the Loch Long Stoneware range comes from the inherent qualities of the materials used - the clay body and the reduction process in the kiln.  The glaze used to decorate the range is derived from pure raw minerals - it contains no added oxides, harmful colourants or other toxic elements.

Loch Long Stoneware wine cups are made from recycled or reclaimed clay.  The waste, off cuts and scraps from making other pieces in the range are soaked and turned into casting slip.  Tom then uses moulds to cast the wine cups.  This has a two fold benefit:  it bypasses the laborious task of kneading and wedging reclaim into useable clay which has to lie for a year before re-use, and it also ensures that the casting slip perfectly matches the clay body used for the rest of the range, ensuring consistency.

The Ethical Pot

The ‘ethical pot’, championed by two of Tom's pottery heroes Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada, is a style of pottery and an associated theory first coined to describe a 20th century, back-to-basics pottery movement that endorsed plainer utilitarian styles over fine art and expressive pots. Pots in this style are also called ‘ego-less pots’ or ‘utilitarian pots’. Ethical pots should be made to look natural and hand crafted, and should derive from "Oriental forms that transcended mere good looks." Tom has unknowingly become a maker of the ‘ethical pot’.

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